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What does Township Government do?

Township Government is by far the level of government that is closest to the people.  It is a type of “grass roots” government from the respect that the elected representatives live in the community that they represent; in fact they might be a neighbor!  Township Government provides programs and services for those who need it the most; assisting the hungry, disabled, youth, homeless and elderly is just one area of township government responsibility.  It is the township’s responsibility to fairly assess property for the purposes of taxation.  The township highway department is responsible for the care and maintenance of township roadways.  It is the responsibility of the board to manage the day to day business of the township.  Make your voice known on April 4th.  Choose experienced, competent leadership!

Citizens to Elect Tony Fremarek
A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will) be available on the Board’s official website (
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